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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Update - Please read

Hi everybody!! I have to apologize for the lyrics I posted yesterday. A few lines of them were wrong. I copied them from a website but when I listened to the actual song this morning I heard the correct lyrics. I knew something didn't look right but I wasn't sure.

Looking the part just to play the game 
Cutting cut up face back looks the same  
They're just pass stars making a name  
So shut your part it is a crying shame   

It should read:
Looking the part just to play the game
Cookie cutter faith that looks the same
Religious rock stars making a name
So churified, it's a crying shame

Incorrect: Not stopping Love and joy, Peace and kindness Gentleness and self control 
Nothing, nothing is more beautiful
I wanna' look like love I wanna' look like, live like faith I wanna' live this life in me showing my face I wanna' look like hope I wanna' look like, live like grace And I know just where to start I'll let you feel my beauty mark
Should be:
Dressed up in Love and joy, Peace and kindness Gentleness and self control  
nothing, nothing is more beautiful
I wanna' look like love I wanna' look like, live like faith 
I wanna' let this life in me show on my face  
I wanna' look like hope I wanna' look like, live like grace  
And I know just where to start I'll let you feel my beauty mark
I know it's probably not a big deal, but I wanted to clarify. Those previous lyrics didn't make sense! LOL
Now here is a quick update on my friend's son. 
Please keep them in your prayers.   Once she got home she got him to the hospital, as he was in terrible, terrible pain. She could barely dress him and get him in the car. He was throwing up and could not stand up straight, laying in a fetal position most of the time. We all thought it was appendicitis because of the bad pain in his stomach. They took samples and gave him Morphine for pain (it was that bad).  The doctor felt his stomach and ruled out appendicitis, but did say his stomach was hard.  The hospital in Baytown rushed him by ambulance to TX Children's Hospital right away.  He had surgery at 5:40 this morning.  
The surgeon found a large pool of blood near his intestines. That's where the pain was radiating from. His intestines somehow became bruised and over the course of days started to bleed.  I believe she also said it caused his kidney to become infected. The doctors are baffled and don't know how something like this could happen.  My friend said the only thing her son told her was about 2 weeks ago he got hit in the stomach playing football, but he was fine after that, eating and going about his normal routine,  until this weekend.  Now they must insert a tube in his side to drain any remaining blood, and he will be fed by a tube through the nose.  This young man is only 14 and had no previous medical conditions.  He is terrified, and so is mom.  
Her family is small and only consists of her mother, grandmother, sister and nephew.  Her mother can't be with her because she takes care of her grandmother who is 93, has dementia, and is on a feeding tube herself.  Please pray for them!  Her mother is beside herself.  He is expected to remain in the hospital for 3 to 4 weeks, and does not want his mother out of his sight.  Her concern is her job, she needs to work, has to work to support her family.  She gets no support from her ex husband. 
I offered to go sit with her but her nephew was on his way so her and her daughter could go home, get bathed, changed and try to eat. They didn't pack anything because they didn't expect it to be this bad.  Plus she has to get her daughter back in school.  Let's bombard the heavens for this family.  I talked with her at 8:15 this morning and she still had not seen him because he was in the ICU recovery room so she wasn't sure if he knew anything.  I haven't talked her to since that time.  Just trying to let them get settled.  I will keep everyone updated on his progress.  When I talk with her she sounds so peaceful, even as she deals with anxiety herself but she is keeping it together for her kids.  She is just trying to be rational, not overact or panic.  She knows nothing about Houston, and was nervous about making the drive back home.  Her kids are her world, they are all she has.  
Also please lift her daughter up as she is dealing with depression (she's only 12).  She deals with anger issues that surprisingly stem from her father.  My friend thought this was strange because her daughter was so small when her dad left, and they have no contact with him.  They started counseling and it came out during the session.  My friend said they were filling out the paperwork, and one of the questions was "Please check any family members that you are having problems with" The little girl checked so hard where it said father, my friend asked "Why did you that?" She checked it with such anger and force, sad part is, the little girl didn't even realize she did it.  She didn't know why!  Her daughter told her she doesn't know why she gets so angry, she just does.
Now you see why I said she showed me how to keep things in perspective.  You never know what people are dealing with.  I will keep you guys posted! I know God is a healer, and a miracle worker.  This family needs one!
Thank you!!


Nikki said...
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Nikki said...

I forgot to add, he lost so much blood the doctors had to do a blood transfusion. It just shows how precious every moment is and how quickly things can change.

Anonymous said...

They are in my prayers Nikki.