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Sunday, October 23, 2011


Just dropping in real quick to say HEY!!!
 Today has been a pretty good day. Almost didn't go to church because the weather looked nasty, but my little man came out all dressed in his suit and hat and was eager to go! Plus the Word was on point today!! How can you pass that up, plus my big girl wanted to go even though she's at her dad's for the weekend! Thank you Lord for moving on the hearts of Your children! Sometimes the kids keep the parents motivated!  
This is my man Keeland!! So sharp and ready to go to church!! The only thing that was missing were the sunglasses! LOL  He said "mama, take my picture and put it on your FB page! WOW little man in the making.  I wish my baby Makayla would let me take her pic, but she is like her mother, camera shy if she doesn't look JUST right, LOL. She gets it honestly!!

We enjoyed our day. Took my mother out to eat which was nice, so it was girls afternoon. Mark had to work, and Keeland had practice at church. Now we are just home waiting for daddy to get here! YAY! 

I posted another funny picture on FB:
This was out on the counter yesterday morning when I got up! I am thinking "uh oh, Mark must be trying to tell me something! Maybe I am blogging too much" LOL.  He didn't put them there, He said " Wasn't me, the Holy Spirit must be telling you something" LOL.  I started cleaning anyway! HAHAHA. 

Also, our date night didn't go exactly as planned, we still had a good time but we were unable to see Courageous. They were sold out! :(   We enjoyed ourselves at Starvin Marvin's spending time together over a nice meal! Guess we will have to catch the movie on DVD! Plus we got ate up by mosquito's while waiting. But we still had a fun!

I want to thank everyone for all the encouragement and support. People are  telling me I am blessing them but you guys are blessing me! I know this blog is straight from the Lord, because I am not a reader or writer by nature. Neither are my "thing" LOL.  I am a very background person. Funny story, this is not to brag at all, but we were at church one Sunday and I felt led to go up to the altar to worship. This is a BIG, HUGE step for me, I mean BIG! Sunday services are packed, but I went. I was enjoying the presence of God, and one of the associate pastors came up to start announcements, the music was still playing and I was lingering. Well I opened my eyes, WHY am I the only one still up there!!!!!! I was soooooooo embarrassed! I wanted to run back to my seat. Yeah doing anything that puts me in the front lines is not me, by nature, AT ALL. God is changing that, slowly! 

Thank you all again!! Please keep the comments and the support coming. I need it. Feel free to comment on the FB page or here, feedback is great!

Well I guess that's it for now! Have a blessed evening!  :-)

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours!
Mark 11:24

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Anonymous said...

Nikki you continue to praise and worship God for all that He has done and is doing in your life!
This is between you and God!
You go girl!!!!
- Yolanda