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Monday, October 17, 2011

Have you offended God?

I know I posted once today, but this just hit me hard. I was gong about my regular routine, getting ready to fix my breakfast (yeah it's late, lol)  In my spirit I felt something was wrong, I didn't know what. Hadn't done anything unusual, Kalena was fed and quiet. I was hungry, but couldn't eat. So I prayed. I looked at my scripture for the day, it was Psalm 139:23 Ok, so I'm thinking I guess there is something I need to confess. So I go through that, kinda like a ritual, which is not what God wants. So I still feel it, ok, I read the psalm for the day, Psalm 17, just to see if get more clarification. Talks about pretty much the same thing, examine me Lord, know my thoughts, you know my heart. Ok, still nothing, I go back to Psalm 139, Verse 24 sticks out big!! Psalm 139:24, Love the way the NLT puts it. Point out anything that offends you. It hit me, I began to think of many ways I may have offended God. Impatience, disobedience, partial obedience, the list goes on. What the Holy Spirit shows me is my trust in God. Dear God, I have offended you by not trusting you. OMG, I have called Him a liar, saying He is not capable of providing, and opening doors. Saying His Word is not enough for me to stand on in the midst of challenges I face. Last week in Isaiah 36 I read about how Hezekiah was being threatened by the King of Assyria, and the king sent his prophet to mock the God of Hezekiah,  The king didn't care anything about the God of Hezekiah, and when Hezekiah prayed he told God that, well God told Hezekiah what would happen to the King because of this. Don't think you can mock God and get away with it, He may be silent for awhile but He is listening. I began to reason with God like Hezekiah, these people don't care about God, Entergy wants their money, the mortgage company doesn't care about God, I can't call and say well God said, wish it was that easy but they are a business and that's that. But God said, I know you can't change that, but I can. I am God, and every knee will bow at my name, I will provide for you, just TRUST ME!! I know this came from the Spirit of God, because I never would've thought of that. I know I get offended if my kids don't believe what I tell them, so how much more does God get offended. He is offended ALL day long, by lifestyles, words, actions, the things we watch, speak and hear and our thoughts. We think our thoughts are a private matter because only we know them, but don't forget God sees your heart, your soul, your mind. He knows those deepest thoughts that would cause others to shutter, cause others to question if you are really a Christian, thoughts that may cause you to question your faith. Thank God for the blood of Jesus that cleanses us and makes us right again. Lets examine our thoughts today, and let's not offend God.

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connie said...

I will enjoy reading this, Nikki. :)