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Saturday, October 22, 2011


Hello everyone!! First I want to say thank you to everyone that has "liked" my page on FB! What an honor! :-)  

Yesterday I shared some of the struggles we face since being at home, but today I want to focus on the good things! They far outweigh the struggles. I promise this post won't be as long as yesterday (mama) LOL. But God has been extremely good to us during this time, and really shown Himself in a new way in our lives.

Just a few of things we have been blessed with are:

  • The kids and I were able to enjoy a day at Schlitterbahn free of charge, courtesy of KFDM. I won tickets earlier this year. Mark had to work :(   But Makayla's wonderful grandmother Carolyn came along with us to help me out!
  •  I won a gift card to IT'Z Pizza in Pasadena by taking a survey, so the whole family had a blast doing that!! I think Mark and I had more fun than the kids!  :-) I only had to pay $38.00 for 6 of us (well 5, Kayla brought at friend, and Kalena is free) Really good deal!!
  •  I received a few surprise checks in the mail that came in "right on time"
  • I was able to be here for my babies first days of school, and able to help them cope with the adjustments that go along with that!
  • My wonderful sister and brother in law blessed us with the entire Dave Ramsey Financial Peace packet at Christmas before I even decided to stay home. The Lord knew we would need that (gotta get better about using it though)  :-)  But it did help us establish a budget and set goals!
  • Our relationships with each other have gotten better. During my time off after having Kalena, Makayla told me I seemed so much happier when I didn't go to work. Was I that bad?  
  • Of course, I am enjoying seeing my Kalena grow into this independent little toddler! I love this and we have fun together. It's not always easy, but it's worth it. I get to watch her personality develop, I was able to see her take her first steps, and hear her first words.
  • Mark has found tremendous favor on his job, and has been able to minister to many people there. God is moving in big ways through him. I also get the privilege of bringing him lunch at least once a week so we can have little lunch dates during the week! Kalena likes to see Daddy too!

 So these are just a few blessings, I could go on and on but I promised this post wouldn't be as long! LOL Well I guess that's it for today. You know me, I say that, and I end up posting again. I probably will because Mark and I are getting to go on a movie date this evening and I can't wait! That's another blessing, my mom doesn't mind watching the kids for us since she doesn't have to do it everyday anymore, lol. We are going to see Courageous. I know I will have something to blog about after seeing that! I also found this great site called Epon, it's kinda like Groupon but for our area. They have some really good deals where you can purchase restaurant certificates for half off. Thinking about doing that! Plus I got a free movie ticket so this will be a great date on a budget!

Well have a blessed day everyone! Thank you all again!

God knows the secrets of the heart....
Psalm 44:21


Anonymous said...

Nikki I am so happy for you I know it was your desire to be home with your children and because you put your trust in God the best is yet to come! Mark you are an awesome man of God and He will continue to use you for His glory! I love you Nikki and I'm so very proud of you!
- Yolanda

Nikki said...

Thank you so much!! Continue to pray for us! We love you too. Also thank you for being one my biggest supporters! Your words of encouragement means so very much! Love you :-)