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Monday, October 17, 2011

Good morning!!

Just dropping in to say hello!!  :-)   Thank you to everyone that has visited my blog! You may be wondering why I named my blog God's got this! Well it helps me to remember who is really in control of everything that is going on in our lives. Our little family has been through some pretty big changes this past year. Having a new baby was the first BIG change, but was certainly a blessing to us all. I lost my grandmother in that same year, which is sometimes still difficult to comprehend, my husband lost a job, got a new one, and I came home. My children also started new schools this year, which was a BIG adjustment for my big baby girl. But the Lord has seen us through it all. It hasn't been easy by any means, some days are still a struggle, but God!! :-)  I see the Lord working mightily in my children, especially Makayla. Yes I am going to put her on the spot for a minute! Makayla started a new school this year, by her choice I might add, *side-note* she now believes her parents should make all her choices for her, DUH!! LOL   But anyway this was a very difficult transition for her and me as well. She wanted to go back to her old school, of course, don't we all want to do that when things are uncomfortable. Hate to get off track but it reminds me of the Israelite's  when they left Egypt. It was comfortable there, even though they were being oppressed, beaten, depressed and everything else. But they wanted to go back for the good fruit they received. Man, fruit can really get you off track if its not the right kind, or used for the wrong purposes (Adam and EVE). People will sell out for a piece of fruit! But back to the story, not saying that Makayla was oppressed or anything similar at her old school, but she felt it was time for a change. Well when the change came it wasn't what she expected. We both cried. Now mind you, nothing bad or traumatic happened, but it was different. Lots of new kids that most already knew each other from last year. Her good friend went there, but of course they had no classes together. She did hook up with two kids from her old school, but they only had 1 or 2 classes together. Then she meets up with some girls from her old school and swim team but ironically they all seem to have amnesia when it comes to seeing her. She is crushed! Well praise God, it's all good now! We prayed everyday all day. God really showed himself to Makayla in a strong way through this time. And for that I am grateful, prayerfully she is too! She knows God is there for her, Jesus is walking beside her, and there is nothing without God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit that she can't overcome. All of her teachers love her, and she has found tremendous favor. God is awesome!! My family prayed us through alot of it, because some days I just wanted to pull her out, my family wanted me to pull her out, her dad wanted me to pull her out, but I felt the Lord leading me to leave her there. That was a very HARD decision. She probably didn't like me very much for most of this time, but I remember one evening after school, I felt the Lord tell me to tell her she must trust Him, He was using this opportunity in her life to build a lifetime of  trust for Him, wow. I got chill bumps just thinking about it! I told her that, and we both broke down. That was a very profound moment in my life and hers. Not what she wanted to hear, but He was right (like He could be wrong, NOT) I am still amazed! But like I said it's all good now, and she has new trust in The Lord that I am so grateful for. I am realizing there comes a time in your child's life that they must learn to trust God for themselves. I can pray all day but it's up to them really. I want my children to know that God cares about every little detail in their lives no matter how big or small. And that also helps me remember that He cares about every detail in my life too! I have to trust Him. How can I tell them to do it, if I am not willing, ok the Lord is speaking to me now! Well I probably got all off topic but that is what came to my heart! God is good yall! Trust Him and watch Him work it on your life. I leave this scripture as a reminder, my favorite one, but one that I still struggle with obeying sometimes!

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.


Anonymous said...

Nikki, I love it! This is great. I am really looking forward to visiting your blog each day. Keep up the good work.


Nikki said...

Thank you Gayle! Just keep me in your prayers. I want this to be all about God and nothing more! I want to say the things He wants me to say and glorify Jesus, and prayerfully encourage someone else along the way! :-)

Anonymous said...

Will do!