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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Change....It's a word most will say very few people like. The more I thought about it, that's really not true.  Most people don't mind change...self initiated change that is.  We work......we get bored on our jobs so we want to change jobs.  We change friends, we change clothes, we change the food we eat for health benefits. We don't mind those changes because we can control them!  That's it.......we like control.  Now, change that comes when we least expect it....that's a no go for most of us.  When we say YES to God we must be prepared for change at some point or another.  Sometimes it's scary, most of the times it's scary.  Being unsure of what's on the horizon is not always fun.  Changing jobs is fun most of the time because we can say yes or no to the jobs we see.....we get to choose our change.  When God changes us or asks us to make a change in our direction that can rock our world, we shrink back.  Well at least I know I do.  It all goes back to how bad do we want to please God?  This is a question I am asking myself, even now.  Change has been a constant in our household this past year.  I wrote about some of the changes we have been through. Having a baby, leaving my job, changing churches, kids changing schools, Marks job.  All of these things were first.  After the dust settles and you can see your way it's not so bad after all.  Change is good even when it doesn't feel like it.  It's necessary in some cases.  Does this mean I have totally embraced the unknowing changes that may arise in my life?.... nope!  :-)   I know God is there in and through the change if and when it occurs.  I think of a dear friend of mine that God instructed to move across the country with his family.  That family consisted of himself, his wife and their young son.  All I could think was WOW!  Would I have obeyed that call??  They did it, not completely without fear, but with trust that the God who calls also supplies.  They are loving their change and God is opening up doors they never imagined.  I look at my pastor.  He moved him and his wife all the way from Florida to Texas to serve in a ministry far from home and family. God has blessed them immeasurably because of their obedience, and blessed us because of their obedience.  God-Called change takes obedience, nothing more, and certainly nothing less.  It takes saying "Lord you are really my lord and I lay down my life before with me as YOU will"  It's really saying " Not my will, but yours Lord"  We all say those words, but what happens when they.....happen!  Are we ready??  I can honestly say I am not, but I know the Lord will walk with me.  He will see me and you both through any change that comes our way.  Let's do our best, with the Holy Spirit's help, to be obedient and embrace God induced change.  It may be unsettling at first, but I have a feeling we won't regret it.

Be blessed!

We love him, because he first loved us
1 John 4:19

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Anonymous said...

Nikki, I knew God had a word for me and I've been so very excited. Thank you for being obedient and allowing God to use you to touch others. I thank God that I am and will always be obedient as I wait and follow Him. Thanks for sharing you are truly loved and very much appreciated!