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Friday, July 6, 2012


Facebook.....Facebook.  It can be good, but it can be bad. Just like anything else in life.  I love FB, I really do.  Like most people I find myself spending way too much time on there.  Sometimes I think "What did we do before FB???"  I admit I would feel disconnected without it; when I hear that some people don't have a FB page all I think is "they must feel so left out!"  Uh probably not! They probably have so much more peace. We know FB can be draining and it's so easy to get sucked in. Just like anything else, there is too much of a "good" thing.  FB has been a blessing to me in so many ways; it helped me reconnect with my father, helped me find other family members that I probably never would have found.  I have made so many friends that love the Lord just as much as I do and more!! But I also read people's problems, their complaints, their bad days.  That can drain you and it can become a burden. I would love to say I use those opportunities to pray for that person, that is my goal but it doesn't always happen. I try to use my page to post about the things of God, but not everyone likes that.  I think most people prefer to read about your mess, your struggles, your arguments with family; you know......all the "juicy" stuff.  Be careful you don't get trapped into that either!!

Awhile back I didn't get on FB because I was too busy spending time with my family!! (who does that anymore??,lol  j/k)  I LOVED it!! I felt so peaceful. I didn't feel like I was taking on all the problems of my friends. It's not their fault, they just need to vent!  I noticed a difference in my own personality.  It may be time to do that again.  I advise everyone to take a day, a few days or a few hours away from FB.  When it becomes hard not to log in.....there's a problem.  It used to be we can go days without checking email...if they don't inbox you they may not get you!! 

I just wrote this to suggest we all take a few hours to get in our Word, fellowship with the Father, just be quiet, go outside, spend time with family and let FB be FB, believe me it will be there when you get back!!

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